Amy Higgins Design

PenFed User Research


I joined the UX team at PenFed as the only UX designer working on a redesign of the company's internal member service management portal using the Salesforce Lightning Design Library.

Project Goals

The main user of the member service management portal are the internal Member Service Representatives (MSRs). They work in the credit union’s call centers and help members solve individual problems. One of my responsibilities for the project was to learn more about our MSRs in order to determine their goals, pain points, and top tasks of the service management portal.


I created an 8-question survey which was sent to all MSRs. I received 110 responses from this survey. I analyzed the data to create new user personas and a journey map. Along with the survey, I spent a day at one of our call centers shadowing and interviewing MSRs. I determined common tasks, task difficulty, and top frustrations. My research influenced the personas and journey map creation.

Tools/Skills Used

  • Surveys/Interviews
  • Research Analysis
  • Wireframing/Sketching
  • Personas
  • Journey Map
  • Visual Design
  • Sketch
  • Craft
  • Invision


After analyzing the data, I determined there were three main users of the system. Our Power Users (MSRs), Experts (Operations Officers) and Trainers (IT Technical Trainer). The most common frustrations for all users was system instability, slowness, and confusing functionality. While many of their frustrations and goals are similar, these frustrations affect them all in different ways. You can read the bio for each persona to see those differences.


Journey Map

While interviewing MSRs and analyzing the data received from the survey, I determined that a very frustrating area for MSRs was the loan application process. It crashed often, took a while to complete, and could be difficult to find. I created a journey map to pinpoint emotional high and lows as well as tasks for MSRs as they fill out a loan application for a member. I also documented opportunities our team can focus on improving when we redesign the loan application process.